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Retrieve Keywords



Supported formats


Supported request methods



Retrieve all keywords (paginated 100 per-page) for account ID 1


General Arguments

Argument Description Format
page The page of results to return. Defaults to page 1. 1 - N

Filter Arguments

Argument Format
external_ids CSV (ex: myid1,myid2)
engine_id 1 = Google
2 = Yahoo
3 = Bing
country See Supported Countries
language See Supported Languages
location See Supported Locations

Keyword Object

Field Description Format
external_id Your unique identifier char(125)
engine_id Search engine ID 1 = Google
2 = Yahoo
3 = Bing
term Search term
mobile mobile or SERP true = mobile keyword
false = SERP keyword
country Country See Supported Countries
language Language (Google Only) See Supported Languages
location Search Location (Google Only) City,ST
dow Weekly ranking day-of-week 0 - 6 (0 = Sunday)
last_processed_date Date of which record was last processed YYYY-MM-DD

Response Codes

200 - Success
404 - No records found
500 - Unexpected error. Try again.

Response Header Values

Name Description
ZoomRank-Total-Records The total number of records in the result-set

Example Response

		"id": 1,
		"external_id": "1234",
		"engine_id": 1,
		"term": "search engine ranking",
		"mobile": false,
		"country": "US",
		"language": "EN",
		"location": "Dallas,TX",
		"dow": null
		"id": 2,
		"external_id": "4321",
		"engine_id": 2,
		"term": "search engine ranking",
		"mobile": false,
		"country": "CA",
		"language": "FR",
		"location": null,
		"dow": null